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The research for this family tree has been conducted for over 10 years, by Elaine Goldman in England, Mort Abramsky in Kingston Canada and Jerry Pollock in Israel. Each of us have built our own tree using a software program called "Family Tree" and we know that there are differences in the details that each of us have collected. So that members of the family could benefit from this, Mort Abramsky arranged to have a web site created and the details that he has accumulated have been transferred to this web site.
Entries in the family tree date from 1750 with a Leah Abramsky. We do not know her husband's name but her son was Shlomo Zalman Abramsky, born about 1770, and everyone in the tree are descendents of Shlomo Zalman ‎(and so Leah)‎ and their spouses.
We hope that family members will check through details of those that they know and let us know about corrections, additions etc. We would like you to send this to any of the three of us ‎(our e-mail addresses are on the top of the welcome page)‎ and we will make the changes.
We also know that there are entire branches of the family tree that still have to be added, so whatever information anyone can supply will be much appreciated.
We would also like to have any comments you wish to make about the information, program or whatever.
Elaine Goldman, Mort Abramsky and Jerry Pollock
A brief roadmap to assist you in using the Family Tree
When you enter the site the welcome page comes up. On the left hand side there is a table showing individuals, family etc. Click on the number beside the word "individuals". This brings up a list of the alphabet. Select the family name of the person you want to find and click on the first letter of that name. A list of individuals comes up. Click on the name of the individual you want.
A box comes up with the personal facts and details of that person ‎(birth, marriage, death)‎
There are two boxes "close relatives" and "all". Click on either of these and all information on the site for the person then comes up, including names of parents, spouse and children.
You can click on any of these names and obtain the family history of that person.
In the upper right hand corner there are icons for charts, lists and reports. These provide information in various forms and a little trial and error will enable you to find the format that will best suit you. Also to the right of each name there is an icon that enables you to do a chart for that person without going to a separate page for that person.
There is much more available on the web site, but hopefully the above roadmap will enable you to find out lots of information about your relatives.
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Meirowitz, Sapir Sapir18 February 199721Birth 
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Asher, Shlomo Ben- Shlomo Ben-18 February 195365Birth 
Gilbert, Jules Jules18 February 1907111Birth 
White, David
Black, Angela Gloria
David18 February 197345Marriage 

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