Shimon Shmaryahu Abramsky  ‎(I0001)‎
Shimon Shmaryahu Abramsky

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: about 1790 20 Bialystok
Death: about 1887 ‎(Age 97)‎ Dashkovtze

Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1790 20 Bialystok

Marriage about 1840 ‎(Age 50)‎ ‎(unknown)‎ Sarah - Est Lune

Occupationt 1 Lumber merchant & tavern keeper

Death about 1887 ‎(Age 97)‎ Dashkovtze

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Parents Family  (F003)
Shlomo Zalman Abramsky
1770 - 1868
‎(unknown)‎ Shifra
- 1842
Shimon Shmaryahu Abramsky
1790 - 1887

Immediate Family  (F002)
‎(unknown)‎ Sarah
- 1878
Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ Abramsky
1836 - 1881
Shifrah Abramsky
1842 -
Brother Abramsky ‎(Abramitzky)‎
1844 -
Leah Abramsky
1846 - 1879
Mordechai Zalman Abramsky
1850 - 1936
Moshe Aaron Abrahams
1850 - 1885


The son of Shlomo Zalman, Shimon Shmaryahu was a lumbar merchant and tavern keeper in the village of Dashkovtze, on the River Neman, a few miles from Mosty, also called Most, south east of Grodno, east of Bialystok ‎(also described as the Most district of Vilna)‎.

According to Chanah's story ‎(a book about the Zemach family - see under Shifra Abramsky (Damovsky)‎ - sent to me in the Hebrew version entitled:
by Bat-Ami Yogev
published in 1987 by Palphot Ltd.Herzlia
Shimon Shmaryahu was born in Bialystok at the end of the 18th Century or - more likely - the beginning of the 19th, making a living from the wood trade. It was common for Jews to lease woods from Gentiles, cutting the trees and sending the wood by river to the nearby towns.

Such people tended to be isolated and often their houses became an inn - for people who came to trade in wood. During the week Jews and Gentiles would fill the inn, but at noon on Friday the owner would send the Gentile guests away to make ready for Shabbat in peace.

Chana's story also says Shimon Shmaryahu lived in Lune, a little town near Most - although Chimen Abramsky ‎(see under Mordechai Zalman Abramsky)‎ says it was near Grodna. Shimon Ariel ‎(also see under Mordechai Zalman)‎ surmises that Shimon Shmaryahu's wife Sarah was from Lune and that they lived their first wedding years at Sara's parents before they settled in Dashkovtze. According to Shimon Ariel in February 1994, quoting from a Hagadah belonging to his great-grandfather, Shimon Shmaryahu was the son of Zalman, and this name was assuredly given to Raphael Zalman, son of Shifra, and Shlomo Zalman, son of Leah.

The strange thing about Chana's story is that it refers to only three children: Shifrah, Leah and Mordechai Zalman ‎(she calls him Rafael Zalman)‎. She fails to mention Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎, who I now believe to be the eldest, or Moshe Aaron, probably the youngest. I now believe there may have been yet another who used the name Abramitzky.

Why did some members of the family have the suffix "itzky"? Certainly when Shlomo Abramitzky ‎(see under Chaim Heshel)‎ returned to Belorussia from Canada at the beginning of the century, he used that name. I had assumed that this was the original name which was changed in Canada to Abramson or Abramsky and in England to Abrahams but I am assured by Chimen and by Joe Prescott that this surmise is out of the question. I am coming to the conclusion that the name Abramizky was part of the family history and that Shlomo may have adopted Eliezer's name since Eliezer had no children, and by doing so Shlomo could avoid the draft.

Shimon Shmaryahu died in the late 1880's, presumably in Dashkovtze.

Certainly the first person to be named after him, Shimon Reuven Zemach, was born in 1890. Their grandaughter Sarah Prescott ‎(see under Mordechai Zalman Abramsky)‎ was born in 1878, so presumably Shimon Shmaryahu's wife Sara died before that. Interestingly enough Sara Prescott's son Joseph says there was a great resemblance between his mother Sarah and the original holder of that name.

I have now been to Israel and found some more family but don't yet know where they come in, but at least Oded Abramsky knows that Shimon Shmaryhu was among his ancestors so I will put it here for the time being.....

Oded’s family
There are 3 Abramsky families in Israel, all probably related, all originating from Bialystok. Oded’s family left Bialystok for a village near Suwalki and to Grodna. His grandfather was Nissan, ‎(born 1876. Son of Aryeh who probably died before 1886)‎ who had a brother in the USA called Haim who moved to Chicago. Nissan died in the Holocaust. Either there was another brother Moshe or Nissan’s wife was Masha - can’t read my writing.

Oded’s father was Samuel, or Shmuel born 1912. He and his two brothers Yoseph ‎(1917)‎ and Mordechai ‎(1922)‎ came to Israel before and during World War II. Mordechai came in 1943 on his own. He married Pieri in 1951 ‎(born Czechoslovakia in 1927)‎ who had come to Israel in 1949. He is a clerk at the Hebrew University in the Exploration Society ‎(part-time, I think)‎

Mordechai told me of Samuel’s children:
1. Oded 1940 married Henniah, 1 daughter, 3 sons. 2 of them married
2. Z’vi married Naomi works Foreign Office - 3 daughters ‎(France 5 years)‎

Mordechai’s brother Yosef, widower, was at University secretary dept of humanities, also director exploration society.
Has a daughter and one son who is a film director, and a 2nd son lawyer in Tel Aviv. Also has a grandson studying architecture in London.

There seems to have been an Isaac who died before 1922 age 16 while at Yeshiva.

Shmuel had 2 cousins, Arieh and Hugo, Arieh’s son is Zvi who is a professor at Beersheba University.

I have an address 15a Korei Hadorot, Jerusalem 93387. Is that Mordechai?

Oded told Mort he was close to Yaakov David ‎(son Of Yechezkel)‎ who established relationship with the family. Yaakov David said Aryeh ‎(he calls him Arie)‎ was related to Yeheskel's father, ie Mordechai Zalman.

I have telephone numbers, I think for Oded, home 6712642 and morning 6257991
Shimon Shmaryhu and Sarah had:
Chaim Heshel; Shifrah ‎(who married Damovsky)‎; another son; Leah ‎(who married Rubinstein)‎;
Mordechai Zalman and Moshe Aaron.

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Family with Parents
Shlomo Zalman Abramsky ‎(I0003)‎
Birth 1770 20
Death before 1868 ‎(Age 98)‎
‎(unknown)‎ Shifra ‎(I1171)‎
Death before 1842
Shimon Shmaryahu Abramsky ‎(I0001)‎
Birth about 1790 20 Bialystok
Death about 1887 ‎(Age 97)‎ Dashkovtze
Family with ‎(unknown)‎ Sarah
Shimon Shmaryahu Abramsky ‎(I0001)‎
Birth about 1790 20 Bialystok
Death about 1887 ‎(Age 97)‎ Dashkovtze
‎(unknown)‎ Sarah ‎(I0002)‎
Birth   est.Lune
Death before 1878 Dashkovtze

Marriage: about 1840 -- Est Lune
-4 years
Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ Abramsky ‎(I0007)‎
Birth about 1836 46 Est Dashkovtze
Death before 1881 ‎(Age 45)‎ Russia
6 years
Shifrah Abramsky ‎(I0004)‎
Birth about 1842 52 Dashkovtze
Death   Est Pyesk or Peski
2 years
2 years
Leah Abramsky ‎(I0005)‎
Birth about 1846 56
Death before 1879 ‎(Age 33)‎
4 years
Mordechai Zalman Abramsky ‎(I0006)‎
Birth about 1850 60 Dashkovtze
Death 1936 ‎(Age 86)‎ Zaludok
Moshe Aaron Abrahams ‎(I0008)‎
Birth after 1850 60 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death about 1885 ‎(Age 35)‎ Bialystok