Mordechai Zalman Abramsky  ‎(I0006)‎
Mordechai Zalman Abramsky

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: about 1850 60 Dashkovtze
Death: 1936 ‎(Age 86)‎ Zaludok

Personal Facts and Details

He was also called Mottel. He had eleven children by his first wife Freidl Goldin of whom only four lived to maturity. Two died before Sarah was born.

They lived in Dashkovtze but moved to Wolpe where Freidl died in 1916. He married again after 1918. I have a photograph of him taken in 1925 in Wolpe. By the early 1930's they were living in Zaludok where Chimen and his mother and brother stayed for a week after they had been given permission to leave the country. Mordechai died there before the German occupation.

His son, Yecheskel's obit. says Yecheskel was born in Grodno, but this may merely refer to Grodno Gubernia which is where Dashkovtze is.

We know of their children Sarah ‎(married Paretsky)‎
She was born in 8 Shevat 5638 approximately 1877/8, her husband Yitzhak/Isaac Paretsky was born in 1875 in Moscow and became a wholesale butcher. In the 1890's he served four years in the Russian army. They were married in 1897, and in 1900 or 1902 they left for the USA, travelling via Liverpool where they and their first child Shimon stayed with Nahum Abramsky ‎(supra)‎.

Before she left Russia she gave her sister Tsire a gold medallion with a photo of the three of them. Their daughter May was born in 1905, Benjamin in 1897, Hyman in 1909.

They changed their name to Prescot at Ellis Island ‎(according to Howard)‎, which is how it was recorded in the 1910 Census. ‎(Samuel changed the spelling in 1925 to Prescott)‎, but the family still only spoke Yiddish. They lived then at 142 Washington St., Fall River, MA which they rented.

The 1920 Census showed two more sons, Edward ‎(1911)‎ and Joseph ‎(1913)‎, still all living at the same address which was still rented. By this time, both Sarah and her husband spoke English. Isaac now owned a meat market.

She died in 1964 at Fall River Mass and is buried at Agudas Achim Cemetery.

They had 6 children
1)Shimon or Samuel born 1897.
He married twice, a fact that has only recently come to life. From his first wife, Gertrude Cole ‎(married in St.John's M.E. CHurch, Watertown MA. on June 2nd 1923)‎ he had one child Barbara Ruth in 1927. She married Richard Martin and they had Richard in 1948, David in 1950 and Cheryl in 1952. Cheryl married Michael Hoover in 1972 and had two daughters, Victoria Lynn in 1976 and Kimberley Anne in 1978. Victoria married Johnny Mejia in 1999 and they live on Fox Island, Washington State. She is doing a Masters. Kimberley is in college working towards her BA.

After Samuel and Gertrude were divorced, he remarried ‎(he was at the time described as a student)‎ in 1926, this time, Beatrice Morris by whom he had 14 children, one of whom is Howard, a poet who has to date published four books. He was also a microwave engineer. He married first Marilyn, then after she died in 1963, married again Helen Vieira. Now divorced he lives in Newport. He had two sons, one a computer scientist, the other in investments ‎(for Sheraton Leamon)‎.

It was only after Samuel's death that the family found out about the two marriages. When Howard cleared out the safe deposit box in the bank, he found a white sock with a note pinned to it that had the initials FAXON on it. Inside were the divorce papers of Gertrude and Samuel. When he told his mother, Beatrice of the find, she told him not to tell anyone.. Beatrice died in March 1999.

2)May born 1905 who lives in Somerset Mass; She married Brotkin and had George who married Harriet and lives in Holbrook - their daughter is Erica who married Allen Gellerman. May also had Barbara who married Rosenberg and lives in Somerset,Mass. Their first daughter is Ellen married to Spinner and lives in Nashua,NH; their younger daughter is Karen who married Botelho and lives in Newburyport;

3) Benjamin born 1907, graduated from Chicago in 1930 then getting his doctorate in biochemistry. He worked as government biochemist and researcher who lived in the Washington area for 50 years before moving to San Diego in 1988. He died of pneumonia in December 1997, a strange irony since he had done research on finding a vaccine for pneumonia. He married Lillian Stein in 1932.
She is mentioned in the Social Security Reg. 10th May to 24th April 1994, issued in Washington 92128; San Diego

Their elder son ‎(Dr.)‎Lawrence M. first married Ellen ‎(1942 - 1981)‎ in Calcutta and had Jennifer Maya in 1967 and Adam Barrett in 1970, both in Calcutta). After Ellen's death in 1981, Laurence married Sharon Merman Kirshen and they live in Rancho Bernardo which may be near San Diego.
Benjamin's second son ‎(Dr.)‎ Elliot J. is divorced. There are four grandchildren, but I don't know their names or whose children they are.

4)Hyman born 1909;

5)Edward born 1911 he married Rose Jaffe and they h
a)a son called Gary Owen who is married to Hope Bender and lives in
Providence, RI, with 3 children:
Jon ‎(1963)‎ who lives in Providence with his wife Noreen Kovacik a
daughter Sara ‎(1995)‎;
Michael ‎(1966)‎ who lives in Evanston,Illinois,with his wife Rob
Antonetta Florio; and
Diane ‎(1967)‎ who lives in Burlington, Vi with her husband Ted Slafsk
b)a son called Marvin who married first Roberta Weinstein and ha
Jennifer ‎(1960)‎ who married Dooley in 1985 and lives in London wi
their children Rachel ‎(1986)‎ and Emma Grace ‎(1991)‎;
Laura ‎(1962)‎ who married Adam Robinson and had Edward Micha
1995; and
Emily in 1965, who lives in San Jose CA.
Marvin divorced Roberta and married Heidi, from whom he is also n
Edward must have died before 1995 since his great-grandchild was born then and given his name. rose was certainly alive in 1997 as Cissie and Ira visited her in Newport RI

6)Joseph born 1913 who lives in New York. He married Myrtle Grace Saperstein who died in 1986.
Their daughter Eleanor born in Detroit in 1946 became a journalist a
was a senior producer for ABC News after a spell as writer and produc
Washington for NBC as well as writing for The New York Post a
Newsweek. Her husband Nicholas Garaufis is chief counsel for the
Federal Aviation Administration. I have a copy of the letter written on her
death by President Bill Clinton.

Eleanor and Nicholas had:
James Anthony ‎(1985)‎ and Mathew George ‎(1988)‎.

Myrtle is mentioned in the Social Security Register 23/5/17 - Sep 1986 issued in Mass. Glen Oakes.

Born 4th day Sukkot/Hashanah Rab. 5642 ‎(September 1882)‎, she married Yitzhak Berlin who changed his name to Ariel. I was told he was born in Wolpa, but they lived in Daskovitze, leaving there in 1912 for Wolpa until 1926 when they emigrated to Israel.
She died in in 1965 in Kfar Hassidim where he was a shohet.

For the last 8 years of his life, he lived with his son Shimon Ariel in Kiryat Atta, near Haifa.

They had three children: Shimon, born 1911, Ephraim called after his paternal grandfather ‎( probably born about 1912 - died 1967)‎ and Zipporah called after Freidl Goldin ‎(1914 - 1968)‎. She is married to Avinoam Eden, a Judge in Jerusalem. Their first son is Mordechai who married Leah first and then Aviva. He has 3 children. Their second son is Gideon married and living at 61 Highland Avenue, Newtonville, MA with 2 children.

Shimon left Dashkovitze at the age of 15 in 1926 along with his parents. He married Tova Korn who had left Russia in 1925, a member of a Chasidic family. They met in Kfar Hassidim.

Shimon was a teacher and for the last 21 years founder and manager of the high school in Kiryat Atta, retiring in 1974. The children and I visited them in the spring of 1995.

We met there his son Malachi who is Manager and Secretary of the Committee for Advancement of Science Education for Youth in Israel at the Haifa Technion and, in fact, works with gifted children there.
He married Zohar but they are now divorced. His second son is Hagai who is a student at Haifa studying maths and computers. His daughter Noga also lives in Haifa where Malachi lives.

Their second child Shlomit was called after her great-grandmother Freidl Goldin - Shalom or Simcha.
She is a lawyer, unmarried and works in Tel Aviv. I copied a citation in the home of her parents:
First Senior Assistant to the District Attorney, in the case of The State of Israel v Isaac Kirman
from the office of the D.A. Suffolk County New York : USA 21.6.93.

Shimon died in 1997.

He was born Saturday morning 8 Adar 5646 - March 1886 in Dashkovitze. His history is too detailed to relate in full here and one would need to refer to Sunset by Hanoch Teller which gives it in full.

Briefly: he was very knowledgeable in religion from an early age. At 17 he left home to learn in Novardhok, receiving his semicha in less than a year.
He left for the Telshe yeshiva, but reaching conscription age he was forced to leave there for Vilna and the Ramalies yeshiva where he met Reb Chanoch Aigesh who recommended him to a cousin, Rabbi Yisrael Yehonason Yerushalemsky ‎(Yerusalimsky)‎ as a husband for his daughter Genia or Henie Reisl ‎(I thought born 1892 but Joe Prescott says this should be 1889)‎.

They were married erev Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 1909 in Eihuman.

He eventually became Rabbi of the Chabad chassidim of Smolian, then in 1914 became head of the community of Smolovitch where he remained at the end of World War I when Jews continued to suffer persecution.

In 1923 he became Rabbi of Slutzk where he served nearly seven years. The Soviet authorities regarded him as subversive and warned him constantly about his activities; they also refused him permission to leave Russia in order to become Rabbi of Petach Tikva in Palestine.

After ten months of hiding - in Moscow, Leningrad and other places, he was arrested in 1930, accused of trying to overthrow the Soviet regime and spent time first in the Lubyanka prison and then in a camp in Siberia. Although he had been sentenced to five years ‎(commuted from the death penalty)‎, he eventually served one year and six months - following an outcry for his release from the Jewish world and intervention of the UK Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden and possibly also from the last German Chancellor before Hitler - Heinrich Brunning. He was finally freed erev Yom Kippur in 1931.

He had to leave his eldest sons as hostages. Moshe and Yakov remained another five years, part of which time Yakov also served a sentence in Siberia. They were released in 1937.

Meantime, the rest of the family moved to England where he became Rabbi of the Machzikei Hadass Synagogue. After two years he was invited by the United Synagogue to head the Beth Din.

About 1936, Rabbi Salasnik ‎(of Bushey shul)‎ thinks he may have been invited to be Chief Rabbi of Palestine. However his son Menachem wrote an article about him on the 20th yortzheit of his death and didn't mention it. I am inclined therefore to doubt it. It wasn't until after the State of Israel had been created in 1948 that he and his wife emigrated ‎(in 1951)‎, together with Menachem.

His wife died in January 1965 and he died in 1976 having married again Hava, widow of Rabbi Gordon, in that year.

Dayan Abramsky was a man ahead of his time, he was responsible for allowing the porging of the rear quarters of meat - subsequently stopped and also arranged for soldiers going away to war to provide their wives with a get if they did not survive. He arranged this, in some way, with the War Office, going there with Chief Rabbi Hertz for the purpose. The Israeli army later used this system as a precedent.

My husband remembered being taken by his parents to see Dayan Abramsky after the war in about 1945. He remembered a saintly-looking elderly gentleman with a long, flowing beard drinking tea through a lump of sugar and warning his visitors that the next enemy of world peace would be Russia. Myer, with all the confidence of youth, he was about 17, did not believe him....

He and his wife had:
i)Moshe who was named after his maternal grandfather. He died ‎(before his father)‎ on his 63rd birthday in Israel having worked for the London Board of Shehita as shomer and sealer. He married Chaya Sarah Pauker who was headmistress of the Golders Green cheder.

Their children were Mordechai Shmuel, born 1949, who was at Cambridge with the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sachs, and is an expert on Science Fiction,
Shimson, born 1951/4 who told Joe Prescott in 1960 his name was Samson. His wife Ros Hermann, according to Rabbi Salasnik of Bushey, came from Totteridge and did a science degree in London in the early sixties.

ii)Yakov David who was also named after the maternal side. He worked in the Hebrew University library.

He and his wife Zerta had four children:
Jonathan ‎(1936)‎ killed in Jerusalem May 1948 aged 12, by a sniper in the War of Independence.
Yair ‎(1944)‎ who is married and lives in Leicester with a daughter and a son.
Yeshoshua ‎(1950)‎ who lives Neve Yaakov 51015, Jerusalem and
Shulamit ‎(1953)‎ who also lives in Jerusalem.

iii)Chimen who was born in Minsk . He and his younger brother Menachem left the USSR with their mother in February 1932, after the release of their father from a Stalinist prison. ‎(supra)‎. In the late thirties he was a student at the Hebrew University. Back in London in 1939 to visit his parents he was "stranded" and while working at Shapiro Valentine, the book shop and later publishers met and married Miriam, "the boss's daughter who was a clinical psychologist. His father-in-law having died in 1926, Chimen took over the running of Shapiro Valentine. He is now Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at University College London as well as being an expert on Jewish books often called in by Sotheby's.

Miriam and Chimen had two children: Jakov ‎(Jack)‎ born 1942. He has a son Sasha who graduated from Oxford before emigrating to the USA where he graduated as a journalist at Columbia and works as a freelance in New York

and Jenny, born 1946. Her husband is not Jewish. I think he works for the BBC. She certainly does, being head of News and Current Affairs and more recently head of Radio 5.

Miriam died in 1997.

iv)Menachem Ezra, called so because he was born 1st Av, Ezra from his father's uncle on the Goldin side. They live in Jerusalem where he works in a bank. They have 7 children and 40 grandchildren.

5.SHIMON ‎(SAMUEL)‎ also known as Abramson
Called Shimon Shemaryahu, he was born Sunday 28th Tishri 5651 - 1891, which means his grandfather of the same name died between 1886 and 1891. He arrived in the USA in 1910 and married Anna Rudin ‎(Rudinsky)‎ in Boston in 1915. They had four daughters:

1.Loretta was called Loretta Zlata after Shimon's grandmother. She married Moshe Wallach in 1940 when he was a teacher of accounting and also did some public accounting. She did a Master's in sociology and social work, although according to her she never "really did work". Moe has since died and she moved to 7370 NW 18th St., Apt 205, Margate,Florida. She died in June 2000.

She used to travel a lot and was staying in Canada ‎(in Calgary or Edmonton)‎ when she met a man staying in the next room of her hotel, Gerald Black, a trustee in bankruptcy and liquidator who had been in Kingston at the request of the Bank of Montreal to run a sale next to Mort's office. Jay had gone in and made the connection between them and the Wallachs of Florida. Mort wrote to her in April 1996. She had tried to make contact, it seems, going into the family store about noon when Sam, Harry and Mort were out for lunch. She left without meeting them then. Mort wrote to her in April 1996.

Stephen Martin, Moshe and Loretta's first child was born in 1942 and was named after Ziota Arkini, his second name after Mordechai. When Stephen came out of the army he became a hospital administrator. He married Beverly at the end of 1965, having Scott in 1968 and Mark in 1972. Scott married Lanell Rush in 1991 and they are expecting their first child.

Moshe and Loretta's second child Edwin, born in 1945 was married in 1967 and divorced in 1974. He became vice-president of a hospital in Chicago where he died in 1980 of leukaemia, aged only 35. His daughter Jennifer Jennifer married Randall Ortiz on July 2nd 2000. Randy is a Vice President for Hilton Hotels Sales and Marketing in Phoenix. He has also been given new responsibilities for the development and marketing of their E-business and website for Hilton. Randy was married before and has one son, Noah who I believe is 6.

2.Edith Eleanor Hebrew name appears to have been Yitzhak Leib after Anna's father. She married David Babit ‎(she died 1992)‎.

3.Florence's Hebrew name was Freidl after Friedl Goldin. She married Morris Gadol. She died in 1977.

4.Cecille has a Hebrew name Tsiporah which is presumably after the same person as her Aunt Tsire's daughter ‎(called after Freidl)‎. She married Ira Weber in 1949 and had two children:

Seth was born in 1953 and married first Sandra ‎(Sandie)‎ Zanatto. They were divorced in 1989. He remarried in the same year a non-Jewish girl called Tammy Avery and they have Sarah, born March 1990.

Milo who was born in 1959 and called after Mordechai died in 1982.

Cecille died in 2000.

Shimon died in 1947 and Anna died 1982.

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Family with Parents
Shimon Shmaryahu Abramsky ‎(I0001)‎
Birth about 1790 20 Bialystok
Death about 1887 ‎(Age 97)‎ Dashkovtze
‎(unknown)‎ Sarah ‎(I0002)‎
Birth   est.Lune
Death before 1878 Dashkovtze

Marriage: about 1840 -- Est Lune
-4 years
Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ Abramsky ‎(I0007)‎
Birth about 1836 46 Est Dashkovtze
Death before 1881 ‎(Age 45)‎ Russia
6 years
Shifrah Abramsky ‎(I0004)‎
Birth about 1842 52 Dashkovtze
Death   Est Pyesk or Peski
2 years
2 years
Leah Abramsky ‎(I0005)‎
Birth about 1846 56
Death before 1879 ‎(Age 33)‎
4 years
Mordechai Zalman Abramsky ‎(I0006)‎
Birth about 1850 60 Dashkovtze
Death 1936 ‎(Age 86)‎ Zaludok
Moshe Aaron Abrahams ‎(I0008)‎
Birth after 1850 60 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death about 1885 ‎(Age 35)‎ Bialystok
Family with Freidl Goldin
Mordechai Zalman Abramsky ‎(I0006)‎
Birth about 1850 60 Dashkovtze
Death 1936 ‎(Age 86)‎ Zaludok
Freidl Goldin ‎(I0044)‎
Birth   Est Dashkovtze
Death 1916 Wolpe

Marriage: before 1878
Sarah Abramsky ‎(I0048)‎
Birth 1878 28 Dashkovtze
Death 1964 ‎(Age 86)‎ Fall River, Mass. USA
4 years
Tsire Abramsky ‎(I0049)‎
Birth 1882 32 Dashkovtze
Death 1965 ‎(Age 83)‎ Kfar Hassidim, Israel
4 years
Yecheskal Abramsky ‎(I0050)‎
Birth March 1886 36 Dashkovtze
Death 1976 ‎(Age 89)‎ Jerusalem, Israel
5 years
Shimon ‎(Samuel)‎ Abramsky ‎(aka Abramson)‎ ‎(I0051)‎
Birth 1891 41 Dashkovtze
Death 1947 ‎(Age 56)‎ New York
Family with Name unknown
Mordechai Zalman Abramsky ‎(I0006)‎
Birth about 1850 60 Dashkovtze
Death 1936 ‎(Age 86)‎ Zaludok

Marriage: about 1919