Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ Abramsky  ‎(I0007)‎
Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ Abramsky

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: about 1836 46 Est Dashkovtze
Death: before 1881 ‎(Age 45)‎ Russia

Personal Facts and Details

According to Mort Abramsky, his great grandparents were brewers in Volpe.
I have yet to fathom that out. Certainly there seems to have been a man called Morris Gordon who knew Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ in Volpe. Perhaps he left the family behind and moved there?

I was told Chaim Heshel died in Russia about 1896. However Nahum's son who was named after him was born 1881 so presumably the original Chaim Heshel ‎(Z'vi)‎ was dead by then ie before his father, Shimon Schmaryahu. Perhaps he was murdered as I was told? Interestingly enough, Joe Prescott said that many years ago his mother told him that an uncle of hers had been murdered. He had left home on business and his body was found in nearby woods three months later. Joe said presumably he was killed by highwaymen for the money he carried. The story must have some basis - it also came to me from his grandson Gerald - who said his grandfather was a poet.

There is another story of a horse that ran away. the buggy turned over and killed the driver. Who is that? According to Betty Abramsky someone died delivering barrels ‎(from the brewery)‎ in his 50's. Betty also heard the story that robbers were involved, perhaps causing the horses to bolt. And that story was echoed by Ralph Abramsky who also said that Chaim Heshel was considered something of a rascal.

According to Nahum Abramsky naturalisation papers , and indeed Nahhum's gravestone, I found that his father's name was Z'vi, although he was called Harry by his son. Joseph's father was Chaim Heshel. The name Heshel/Harry/Hirsh all have relevance in German to the name 'Z'vi' which means a hind or deer. Note also that Nachum's first son was called Harris, Harry, Hershel or Z'vi. Nahum's father married Tovah or Toviah, the name of Joseph's mother. By 1907 when Nahum applied for British citizenship, Z'vi was dead, while Tovah was still alive and living in Russia/Poland.

This leaves me an insoluble problem since Mr.Gordon who has been interviewed by Mort Abramsky says Zvi died about 1916 - of natural causes. We are beginning to believe his memory has played him false about Chaim Heshel's death.

Chaim Heshel and Tovah had:
3.Shlomo ‎(Abramitzky)‎,
4.Margalit Goleh,
6Elizabeth ‎(Leika)‎,

Also look at these facts:
Mordechai Zalman, son of Shimon Shmaryahu, lived in Dashkovtze before moving to Volpe. Mordechai's younger daughter Tsire was born in Dashkovtze. She married Yitzhak Berlin ‎(later Ariel)‎ about 1910 and he was born in Volpe. They lived in Dashkovtze until 1912 when they left for Volpe where they lived until 1926.

According to Mort Abramsky, his great grandparents were brewers in Volpe.
I have yet to fathom that out. Certainly a man called Morris Gordon whom Mort met, knew Chaim Heshl in Volpe. Perhaps he left the family behind in Bialystok and moved there? Certainly in a later communication Mort says the parents started out in Bialystok before moving to Volpe.

At the age of 33 in 1890 ‎(according to Mort it was in 1886 opening the business in 1890)‎ Joseph left Volpe, Grodna, in search of a better life for his wife Chaia and children. He planned to go, via Hamburg, to Buenos Aires, but while in Hamburg people from Toronto persuaded him to go to Canada. He settled in Kingston, as his cousins, the Abramsons, lived there. It was Louis and Joseph Abramson who met Joseph on his arrival, taught him English , introduced him to the trade in which he was to work and generally helped him to get settled. Joseph joined the small Jewish congregation which met for a time in a room at City Hall.

According to Mort, the American Abramsky's anglicised their name to Abramson, but in Canada, because of the cold and snowy winters, they kept the "sky".

Once established, Joseph sent passage for four of his brothers, Alex, William, David and Shlomo, also possibly Leah ‎(Ralph called her Leica)‎, of whom 3 brothers, David, Alex and William remained - two of them sending home for wives. Lena, who became Alex's wife. was sent a photograph which turned out to be of William! Shlomo did well in Canada and asked his wife Rachel to come with their three children. She was an only child and said she couldn't leave her parents, who weren't too well. In addition, he was needed in the family beer business. He returned to Volpe. Mort now believes that there was also a problem with conscription - which he avoided by using the name Abramitzky. Could this be because Eliezer had no children and Shlomo adopted the name purposely?

According to Ralph Abramsky ‎(in August 1996)‎: Joseph was "not seen in too favourable a light. Ralph was told Joseph took advantage of his brothers and sister for mercenary reasons - bringing them over as cheap help. As soon as they learned a bit of English they struck out on their own".

On arrival Joseph invested part of his savings in dry goods which he peddled from door to door. Being enterprising and determined , he soon earned enough to buy a horse and waggon. After only 3 years, Joe went back to Grodno for a visit, and in 1896 brought his wife Chaia and four children - Moses Mordechai, Ida, Edith and Katherine back to Canada. In 1897 while giving birth to their fifth child Harry, Chaia died. His great-grandson Jay recalls that Joseph used to ask customers to look after Harry. Looking after five children, a horse and buggy, a business made him desperate and he once again turned to Louis and Joseph for help. They did what they could by providing their sister Geisha Abramson, who was in her twenties ‎(who had come over from Grodno to visit her brother Joseph Abramson)‎. Joseph married her and they had Samuel and Anna.

At the turn of the century, Joseph opened a ladies and men's wear clothing store on Princess Street. His wife and two eldest daughters helped manage the store in his absence on the road. The Abramskys were founding members of the Hebrew Congregation in 1902 and saw the cornerstone laid for the Queen Street Synagogue in 1910.

Moses, Harry and Samuel sought further business experience in Toronto, Detroit and Boston, but in 1922 they joined their father in the store, establishing a furniture division. All the sons remained in Kingston.

At some stage I believe Joseph made the wedding for Ruth Abramson and David Krinsky.

Joseph died in 1927, a highly regarded man and "an exemplar of the early entrepreneurial spirit of Canada. On his gravestone he is called "son of Chaim Heshel". On his sister Leica's grave she is the daughter of Chaim Joshua. On three siblings' stones they are the children of Chaim Joshua Heshel, while on William's stone he is Moshe Z'ev, son of Chaim Joshua Heshel.

When Joseph died the three boys carried on his business, and by the 1950's they owned 10 furniture and department stores in Eastern Ontario.

His widow, Geisha, remarried local resident Abraham Shear and remained close to the Abramsky family while living out her days in Kingston.

In 1996, the last of the stores, in Princess Street, closed, the focus of family members having shifted to business development and property management.

HO 144 or 45 Packing List, number of HO Paper: 154,709 is the reference for his naturalisation papers ‎(dated 25th October 1907, although the oath was taken 5th November)‎) which say Nahum now Abrahams was born in Tiskova or Liskova ‎(?Lyskow)‎ Grodna 15th July 1860. There is a Laskowa near Piaski. According to Gerald Abrahams, the Abramsky's were "carriage folk" and lived in Volkivisk in a "hof", a very large farmhouse with the whole family. Nahum could speak Russian and lived well - he was a Registrar ‎(a "staroste")‎ - responsible for registration and thus able to get some Jews out of doing military service.

He was said to be the son of Harry. His father Harry was said to be dead, but his mother Tobie was still living in Liskova. He was said to be 46 and to have come to England about 13 year ago that is 1894.

In 1878 he married Rashke, otherwise called Rose/Rachel Katzenellenbogen - see other family tree for that family story. According to the naturalisation papers he was exempt from military service before he came to England in about 1894. Is that because he arranged it himself, or is it because of his job? Or perhaps even his position in the family? Although that would not apply to a second son. Gerald told me that those whom he didn't help informed on him and he ran away with no money.

Why did he end up in Liverpool? Was he on his way to join most of the rest of the family in Canada? By the time their daughter Leah married in 1899 they were living at 155 Field Street. At some stage they moved to 71 Soho Street where he sold drapery on weekly payments, moving to 77 Soho Street in July 1902. According to Kelly's Directory, Harry Abrahams lived at that address, and the local newspaper - the Daily Post - stables were round the corner!

On 2nd August 1907 when he applied for naturalisation as Abrahams, he nearly didn't get it because he had been fined £5 in the Police ‎(Magistrates)‎ Court on 2nd December 1903 for betting in Queen Anne Street, but "the report is generally favourable and the writer doesn't think it should be remembered against him". However one referee was not a householder and it was queried whether another was needed. It said he speaks and reads English fairly well but writes poorly ‎(he did not sign the papers, but made his mark)‎. His wife Rachel is an industrious, respectable woman. He is a retail grocer at 77 Soho Street,, having had his own business for over 5 years and does a moderate trade. Before that he sold drapery on weekly payments at 71 Soho Street. He is sober and respectable. His son Moses has recently won a Junior City Scholarship. he had seven children at that date, Harris and Leah being over 21 and married. Harris had a draper's business at 7 William Henry Street; Leah was married to Joseph Rabinowitz, a traveller in jewellery and living in Manchester.

Jacob was 19, Simon 17, Dora 215, Moses 12 and Gertrude 7 - the latter being the only one not born in Russia

Nahum, by now called Nathan, died January 17th 1928, and on the grave ‎(G24)‎ the age was given as 68. Dora his daughter-in-law, said he was killed by a taxi when he was walking home from shul.

Rashke died May 2nd 1939 when she was living at 99 Mulgrave Street at the home of her daughter Dora Boyars. Her grave is C 33 27.

Elsie Boher remembers him as being very witty - as apparently were all the Abrahams. I have also heard him referred to as a gambler ‎(born out by the betting story above)‎, a scholar and very frum.

He and Rochel had: ‎(i)‎Leah ‎(ii)‎Harris/Harry/Hershel/Zvi ‎(iii)‎Jacob ‎(Jack)‎ ‎(iv)‎Simon ‎(v)‎Dora ‎(vi)‎Moses ‎(Mo)‎

Harris was born in Russia in 1881, I'm not yet sure where. If his name was really Zvi, as his son Gerald told me, this means his grandfather must have been dead/murdered by 1881. In his father's naturalisation papers his name was Harris and by then the name was Abrahams.

He married Tzippa Leah Rabinowitz ‎(formerly called Primbylski)‎ about 1902, the daughter of Bebel ‎(nee Katzenellenbogen and Yudl)‎ and therefore Harris's first cousin.

In 1907 he was carrying on a draper's business at 7 William Henry Street, Liverpool. At some stage before World War II they had a large house and a factory in Islington, having a butler and a chauffeur. Later they lived in Prince Alfred Road, near the Liverpool Blind School.

They had four children:
a.Winnie, born 1901, died 1989;
b.Elsie, born 1903, died 1977;
Winnie ‎(a wonderful needlewoman)‎ and Elsie were unmarried and lived together. I gather Elsie was 'clairvoyant': her niece Sadie Barron, bought her a crystal ball which she used for this. All the local shop girls consulted her at their home in Grant Avenue. She once offered to tell the fortunes of Dora Abrahams and her grandaughter Janet, but Mo, Dora's husband, told her not to.
c.Gerald, born 1907 died 1978. The only one to marry, he was a barrister and an internationally famous author on chess and a renowned player ‎(champion of the north of England three times, he invented the Abrahams Defence Strategy)‎. He was also an English editor of the Encyclopaedia Judaica and an expert on horse-racing!
From the Jewish Chronicle of 1.11.91 writing about Gerald: Gerald Abrahams was a maverick, thrown out of all the best places....the only person to be thrown out of Liverpool chess club in its 150-year history - for incessant kibbitzing. Also thrown out of the Soviet Union in the 1950's for 'insulting Lenin' when sent there to cover a tournament. His guide had met him at the airport and asked if he would like to see Lenin's tomb? Gerald replied: I've come to see live Russians, not dead ones". He was on the next Aeroflot plane out of Moscow.
According to Elsie Marshall, he was also thrown out of the Liverpool Bridge Club.
His wife Elsie died in a Souport nursing home. There were no children;
d.Blanche, born about 1913, died in 1972. She married a non-Jew, David Andrew and lived in Scotland. There were no children.

Harris died on June 24th 1954 and his grave is B24 Rice Lane.
Tzippa Leah died August 14th 1971 and her grave is A1 19.

Once the older brother Joseph was established in Canada in the 1890's he sent passage for four of his brothers - Alex, William, David and Shlomo, also possibly, his sister Leah - of whom 3 brothers stayed - David, Alex and William.
Although Shlomo did well in business in Canada opening a shop and preparing a home, when he asked his wife Rachel to come with their three children, she didn't want to leave her parents as she was an only child, and they were not too well, so he went back to Volpe where he stayed. Nine months later their fourth and youngest child Necha was born. He used the name Abramitzky.

Rachel died during the first war from cholera, when Neche was only 7 years old, and Shlomo married again a woman called Esther.
Of Shlomo's daughters, Faige and Neche who went to Israel before World War II, they both needed financial help and Harry's wife sent them care packages and money for years and in 1950, Mort visited them. He continued to visit the Mellers after Faige died.
Rachel and Shlomo had
i)a daughter called Tzipporah ‎(Faige)‎ who married Yerachimiel ‎(Ralph)‎ Chorosky and went to live in Israel in the early 1930's. Of their seven children, their eldest son Ralph Y. Carmi ‎(Chorosky)‎ is a Rabbi. His shul was on Jefferson Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. ‎(POBox 19-1186, Miami Beach, Fl 33119)‎.

Their sixth child, Miriam married Gershon Einvoner, brother of Noach who married Neche and Joseph Meller's first child, also Chaia. That is two brothers married two first cousins.

ii)Chaia: she died giving birth, leaving three children ‎(all killed by the nazis)‎;

iii)Bezalel ‎(Tzanka)‎ who was a friend of Morris Gordon ‎(interviewed by Mort)‎. He married Esther's niece, Sonia, and they had three children. Shlomo and Bezalel had a factory selling beer, ice cream and barley. According to Neche's daughter Chaia, they were the only ones to have a telephone in Volpe, they lived in a very nice house and had lots of servants. As far as I can tell, Shlomo and Esther, Bezalel ‎(Tzanka)‎ and Sonia were also killed by the nazis who herded the entire Jewish population into Volpe's synagogue and set fire to it. Either Tova or Chaia to whom I spoke in October 1997 were going to put their names in the Hall of Testimony in Yad Vashem.

iv)Neche, went to Israel in 1936 where she met Joseph Meller and married him in 1938. Both sisters lived in Mea Shearim, I think They were very poor. Joseph Meller did not earn money and they lived in one room with a narrow corridor in which Neche took care of an old paralysed woman who lived with them. Harry's wife sent them care packages and money for years and in 1950, Mort visited them. He continued to visit the Mellers after Faige died. Their first child Chaia married Noach Einvoner ‎(see above under Faige)‎

I was told in Israel that Shlomo had a letter from two of his brothers in Canada to find them wives and they would send the tickets. The letter said if they didn't like the girls they would send them back!
The girls arrived............They stayed.

He married Gishe ‎(Gussie)‎ Abramson, a cousin, and lived at 198 Queen Street, Kingston. He was a pedlar, but when a store became vacant he rented it from an Arab, Masoud. It became a 'Surprise' Store. His gravestone says he was the son of Chaim Joshua Heshel and that he died Feb.10th 1965, aged 82. This would make his birth date 1883, not 1865 as I had it. She died 1984, aged 93.

According to Ralph, William had been terrified as a child by a pogrom and by always having to be hidden. On arrival in the New World he found talking to the family hard, and became very tough. He became a brewer at some stage. David found him a terrible person to work for and left. According to my notes he didn't like being a baker, so check this to make sure have the right brother!


She married Reuven Rothbart and after their marriage they lived in Krinky, Grodno Gubernia ‎(then in Belorussia)‎ where he was head of the community. Their eldest child was Dora ‎(Devorah)‎ born in 1893 but she was the last to leave the town - in 1923 -to go on aliyah. The parents, Margolit and Reuven then sold their home in Krinky and together with their youngest child Rivka, joined Dora and other members of the family on Kibbutz Geva. ‎(There is a Geva just south east of Afula)‎.

Reuven died there from cancer in 1928. Margolit moved to Yarkona, a moshav south of Hod Ha-Sharon not far from Tel Aviv, one of the 100 settlements established in the Sharon valley, as did Dora, Sonia and Liza. Margolit died there in 1945.

Dora, according to Chimen Abramsky who met her at his father's shiva, was a village farmer. She didn't marry and died in 1984.
Chimen Abramsky has told me of his cousin Dora Abramsky, born 1893 who lived with them in Moscow when he was a boy between 1923 and 1930, and she was in her 40's . He remembers meeting her at his father's shiva in September 1976. I believe she lived on a kibbutz rearing chickens near Ein Harod.She died in 1984. Because of her name she can only be the daughter of a son - she was not Moshe Aaron's daughter. Note also that Nachum's 5th child was called Dora ‎(born about 1892)‎ as was Margalit's first child ‎(born 1893)‎. Note also that the Dora who stayed with Chimen might be Margalit Goleh's daughter - check dates.

Certainly, according to Mort, there was no Dora. I am unlikely to resolve this one.
Could it be there was another brother of Shimon Shmaryahu which is possetted elsewhere, especially with the Abramson story?
The second child was Sonia ‎(Sara)‎, born 1895, also didn't marry, leaving Russia after the Revolution with Habimah. She lived in Yarkona.

Liza ‎(Leah)‎ was next, born in 1897. She made aliyah in 1922 going to Kibbutz Geva at first before establishing Moshav Yarkona. She married David Toviahu, and after the formation of the State of Israel in 1948 they moved to Beersheba where he became the first mayor. Chimen said he was an engineer.

Faniah, born 1899 also didn't marry. She studied at Berlin University and when the Nazis came to power refused to leave. She died in the Holocaust.

Rachel was born in 1902: she made aliyah in 1923 married Shimon Bombingar-Charmoni and they helped to establish first Mishmar Hasharon ‎(north east of Netania)‎ and afterwards Moshav Beit Hillel ‎(just east of Kiryat Shemona)‎ in the Upper Galilee. After the War of Independence they moved to Mishmar Hashlosha ‎(route 767 west of Degania in the valley of Yavne'el)‎.
They had 3 children: ‎(i)‎Ron ‎(1934)‎ married Shoshana and lives in Cholon with 2 daughters;
‎(ii)‎Yuval born 1936 married Dori Avoksis lives in Ramot Naftali on route 886 not far from Lebanese border and has four children;
‎(iii)‎Nira ‎(1944)‎ married Uzi Ryper and lives in Kfar Yehoshua on route 75 not far from Nazareth . They have four sons.

Zvi or Grisha was born in 1903. Once again he has the name which keeps on appearing in this tree. He made aliyah in 1921, in 1924 arriving at Kibbutz Geva where he lived until he died. His daughter Miriam, who still lives there gave me most of the information on this family ‎(via Shimon Ariel)‎. Miriam married Ari Gil and had six children: Ruthi ‎(1957)‎ who married Moshe Ochyon and lives in Beersheba and has 3 children; Rotam ‎(1961)‎ married Nira Avneri and lives in Raanana and has 2 children; Ilan born 1964 who lives in Tel Aviv; Erez born 1966 married Oranit Hillel and lives in ? Karkur ‎(north of Hadera/Khadera)‎; Shorli ‎(1968)‎ married Gidi Shnei and lives in Jerusalem. Tali was born 1977.

The last child was Riva ‎(Rebecca)‎ born 1905. She married Avraham Rodeh. They started in Moshav Beit Hillel and at the beginning of the 1950's moved to Moshav Ben Ami in Western Galil. They have 3 boys: Gidon married Shoshana Glasberg ‎(she died)‎; Oded and Michael ‎(Miki)‎ who married Bruriah Fofelinikar and lives in Moshav Ben Ami with 3 children.

She was born in Volpe in 1874 and married her husband, Nathan in 1897 in Grodna.
In 1900 they went to Canada, to Kingston, their son Raphael being born in Europe, presumably en route.
Her husband, Nathan, who repaired watches, had a sister called Fruma who married Elizabeth's brother David ie brother and sister married sister and brother.
She was an entrepreneur, buying one house after another, then selling it - very much ahead of her time!
Her gravestone says her father was Chaim Joshua.

One of her children was Benjamin: his son Joseph was killed in a car accident in 1948. His daughter Gwen lives in Florida, his son Alvie lives in Kingston, Ontario and his son Ronnie lives with his wife Linda in Vaughan, Ontario.

7. ALEX:
According to his nephew Ralph, Alex came to the New World 1891-93.
In 1905, he married ‎(a shidduch)‎ Lena at 181 Sydenham Street, the location of the Hebrew Association of Kingston, the first synagogue, just before the incorporation and the building of the Beth Israel Congregation on Queen Street in 1910. It was hosted by Alex's brother and sister in law Joseph and Geisha Abramsky.
According to Betty, the third child, her mother Lena came from Clayton. Was her maiden name Polansky?
The reception, also hosted by Joseph and Geisha was held in a large hall next door at 179 Sydenham Street ‎(the present address of the office of Mort Abramsky)‎.

He was a junk dealer until cars became more popular when he built a garage. Unfortunately, all his money was tied up in it and he went broke.

Alexander died November 18th 1947, aged 68. His gravestone says he was the son of Chaim Joshua Heshel. Lena's stone calls her Lena Abramsky Fried, and says she died July 6th 1981, aged 91, that would make her birth date 1890, not 1880 as I had put it. She had married again - Abraham Fried
who predeceased her ‎(in Miami Beach)‎.

Alex and Lena had
1.Julius, who died;
2.Benjamin, who lives in Peterborough, Ontario; .
3.Betty married Saul Malinoff. They opened a store in Kingston in 1942, where their son Lorne and his wife Linda also worked. Saul died in 1985 and Betty stll lives in Kingston where I met her in Kingston at Mort's house at the same time as her son Lorne and his wife Linda. In July 1998, Lorne finally gave up the business which by now was specialising in wedding dresses to devote himself to working for Rotary and the Easter Seal campaign for disabled children. Linda is carrying on working in the business for the new owners;
4.Dorothy- Dodo - married Gerry Pollock and now lives in Modi'in having recently moved from Tel Aviv. She runs a T-shirt shop in the Dizengoff Centre in Tel Aviv, he lectures in accountancy in Tel Aviv, and also runs a business school in Tel Aviv.
One of their daughters is Julia who married first Charlie Taub. They split up leaving the children with the father. In 1998, Julia marrie David Wilks and they now have David's four children by a previous marriage: Naomi ‎(July 1987)‎; Yisroel Meir ‎(February 1989)‎; Faige Simcha ‎(Oct 1990)‎ and Chaya ‎(May 1994)‎

Born in Volpe in 1884, I was told his father apprenticed him to a baker, therefore David must have been at least 8 or 9. Does that not mean his father was still alive in 1890?
David was then brought over to Kingston, Ontario by his brother Joseph at the age of 17. According to his son Ralph he rushed out to avoid having to go in the Russian army.
Fannie arrived in Newark and got a job. She didn't want to stay and on a visit to her elder brother, Nathan, in Kingston, was introduced to David and they were married in Kingston on August 29th 1909. He was apprenticed as a baker with the Canadian army and while based at nearby Petawa their three children were born: Ralph, 1910, Eva, 1912 and Percy 1913.

In 1914, David purchased a bakery on York Street, the family living at 136 Bagot Street.

I have a copy of David's naturalisation papers, for 12th January 1927.

David died in 1947, Fruma in 1951. According to his gravestone, he was 63 and the son of Chaim Joshua Heshel.

Of their children:
Ralph attended Queen's , joining the army in 1943 when he was posted to Saint John,NB where he met Diana Meltzer, a lab technician. They were married on April 6th that year, immediately prior to him being sent overseas.

After the war they settled in Kingston. After working at the Abramsky family firm, he opened Market Furniture on Wellington and Princess Street, in his spare time helping with youth groups, and being deeply involved with B'nai Brith of which he was president for three years. His wife, Diana, who graduated BA from Queen's was founder and national past-president of the Thyroid Foundation of Canada, as well as being involved with the shul and Hadassah . She was made Woman of the Year, being awarded the CM, the order of Canada which is the highest honour that Canada can bestow on a civilian for her work with the Thyroid Foundation. There are now 15 branches in Canada, 3 in the USA, 2 in England and 1 in Europe.

Their son, Marc-David, born in 1963 is a keen athlete and musician.

Eva, also a Queen's graduate, married attorney Israel Smith and moved to Tyler, Texas. Their son, Manny, a law graduate of Harvard is an Appeals Council Judge. He works and lives with his wife Ileane in Washington DC. Their son Jerome, is Vice-President of New England Nuclear in Boston. He and his wife Sharon had two children, one of whom died.

Percy, born 1913 never married. He owned a store which among other things sold fireworks. He died in 1975.

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Family with Parents
Shimon Shmaryahu Abramsky ‎(I0001)‎
Birth about 1790 20 Bialystok
Death about 1887 ‎(Age 97)‎ Dashkovtze
‎(unknown)‎ Sarah ‎(I0002)‎
Birth   est.Lune
Death before 1878 Dashkovtze

Marriage: about 1840 -- Est Lune
-4 years
Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ Abramsky ‎(I0007)‎
Birth about 1836 46 Est Dashkovtze
Death before 1881 ‎(Age 45)‎ Russia
6 years
Shifrah Abramsky ‎(I0004)‎
Birth about 1842 52 Dashkovtze
Death   Est Pyesk or Peski
2 years
2 years
Leah Abramsky ‎(I0005)‎
Birth about 1846 56
Death before 1879 ‎(Age 33)‎
4 years
Mordechai Zalman Abramsky ‎(I0006)‎
Birth about 1850 60 Dashkovtze
Death 1936 ‎(Age 86)‎ Zaludok
Moshe Aaron Abrahams ‎(I0008)‎
Birth after 1850 60 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death about 1885 ‎(Age 35)‎ Bialystok
Family with Tovah Pessah Belastosky
Chaim Heshel ‎(Zvi)‎ Abramsky ‎(I0007)‎
Birth about 1836 46 Est Dashkovtze
Death before 1881 ‎(Age 45)‎ Russia
3 years
Tovah Pessah Belastosky ‎(I0200)‎
Birth about 1839 Est Dashkovtze
Death after 1907 ‎(Age 68)‎ Russia/Poland
Joseph Abramsky ‎(I0203)‎
Birth 23 November 1857 21 18 Belorussia
Death 23 November 1927 ‎(Age 70)‎ Kingston, Ontario, Canada
3 years
Nahum Abramsky aka Abrahams ‎(I0677)‎
Birth 15 July 1860 24 21 Liskove/Lyskow - Grodna
Death 17 January 1928 ‎(Age 67)‎ Liverpool
18 months
Shlomo Abramsky ‎(Abramitzky)‎ ‎(I0694)‎
Birth about 1862 26 23 Volpa
Death 1942 ‎(Age 80)‎ Volpa
21 years
William Moses Abramsky ‎(I0206)‎
Birth about 1883 47 44 Belorussia
Death 10 February 1965 ‎(Age 82)‎ Kingston, Ontario, Canada
-14 years
Margalit ‎(unknown)‎ Goleh Abramsky ‎(I0202)‎
Birth about 1869 33 30
Death 1945 ‎(Age 76)‎ Moshav Yarkona, Israel
5 years
Elizabeth ‎(LeahLeica)‎ Abramsky@N.N. ‎(I0602)‎
Birth 1874 38 35
Death 5 October 1945 ‎(Age 71)‎ Kingston, Ontario, Canada
1 year
Alex Abramsky ‎(I0205)‎
Birth 1875 39 36 Bellorussia
Death 17 November 1947 ‎(Age 72)‎ Kingston, Ontario, Canada
10 years
David Abramsky ‎(A)‎ ‎(I0207)‎
Birth 20 December 1884 48 45 Belorussia
Death 15 July 1947 ‎(Age 62)‎ Kingston, Ontario, Canada