Sophie Abramsky  ‎(I0425)‎
Sophie Abramsky
Married Name: Sophie Fertell

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: about 1882 32 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death: 31 December 1969 ‎(Age 87)‎ Est New York

Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1882 32 Dashkovtze or Bialystok

Marriage Samuel Fertell - Newark, New Jersey

Death 31 December 1969 ‎(Age 87)‎ Est New York

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Parents Family  (F131)
Moshe Aaron Abrahams
1850 - 1885
‎(unknown)‎ Unknown
- 1885
MargolitMargolka Abramsky@N.N.
- 1942
RivkaFrances Abramsky@N.N.
- 1942
Minnie Abramsky
1872 -
Son Abramsky
John AbramskyAbrahams@N.N.
1873 - 1938
Sophie Abramsky
1882 - 1969

Immediate Family  (F133)
Samuel Fertell
Sylvia Fertell
1906 - 1988


Born 9 years after John, when she was very young, about 2 or 3, both her parents died, putting paid to their idea of emigrating to the USA to join the other daughters leaving her orphaned and penniless. Help from some cousins who did not emigrate virtually saved her life. I don't yet know how she managed to travel in the early 1880's. She was not simply the youngest child, she was in some ways "the baby".

She married Samuel Fertell, a watchmaker, who came from Zaslow, near Bialystok who was then managing two small pharmacies in Newark, New Jersey. They were married in Newark.

After their daughter Sylvia was born in 1906, Samuel's business didn't do well and Sophie opened a small hotel ‎(The Hotel Sylvia)‎ in Asbury Park, New Jersey, at a time when many small Jewish hoels were being opened in that location and in the Catskills.

From 1918 through the late 1920's there was a movement among labour union organisers to provide rest and care for employees and families who worked in the sweat shops of the garment industry. Sophie's hotel was used in that way. She became health conscious then. and became an advocate of raw vegetables, nothing fried, multigrain breads, fish, fowl and no red meat.

She took this to extremes but doing so was true to her nature. I have a photo of her taken on a visit to see her brother and his family in Liverpool in the 1930's: she is in the middle -profile only as she insisted when having her photo taken - obviously a determined lady.

According to her grandson:"Like many people of her generation she found America to be a paradox. Freedom was abundant, yet the oppression and exploitation of immigrant labourers was appalling. She was a very passionate person who rarely had opinions, rather definitive conclusions. She advocated independence. On the day of her 80th birthday, her daughter Sylvia went to her home to pick her up for the party. Sophie was not there - returning home, feeling somewhat concerned they found Sophie sitting in the living room reading the Yiddish paper, ‎(Fevirtz - Forwards )‎. She had walked most of the way and taken a bus. That was her way".

Sophie died on December 31st 1969.

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Family with Parents
Moshe Aaron Abrahams ‎(I0008)‎
Birth after 1850 60 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death about 1885 ‎(Age 35)‎ Bialystok
‎(unknown)‎ Unknown ‎(I0419)‎
Death about 1885 Bialystok
MargolitMargolka Abramsky@N.N. ‎(I0420)‎
Birth Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death before 1942 USA
RivkaFrances Abramsky@N.N. ‎(I0421)‎
Death before 1942 USA
Minnie Abramsky ‎(I0422)‎
Birth about 1872 22 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death USA
John AbramskyAbrahams@N.N. ‎(I0424)‎
Birth about 1873 23 Russia
Death 9 July 1938 ‎(Age 65)‎ Liverpool
9 years
Sophie Abramsky ‎(I0425)‎
Birth about 1882 32 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death 31 December 1969 ‎(Age 87)‎ Est New York
Family with Samuel Fertell
Samuel Fertell ‎(I0427)‎
Birth Zaslow near Bialystok
Sophie Abramsky ‎(I0425)‎
Birth about 1882 32 Dashkovtze or Bialystok
Death 31 December 1969 ‎(Age 87)‎ Est New York

Marriage:   -- Newark, New Jersey
Sylvia Fertell ‎(I0428)‎
Birth 1906 24
Death 1988 ‎(Age 82)‎ Est New York